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A Key Employee Gives 2 Weeks’ Notice …Now What?

A Key Employee Gives 2 Weeks’ Notice …Now What?

Posted on: April 20th, 2023

A two week notice from a key employee has become much more common in the past year or two.  The first reaction might be panic as you imagine how to complete these functions and keep up the workload within your group.  The good news is, there is a proactive approach to prevent panic.

Turnover has always been one driver of our services and we saw an increase in turnover related projects recently.  We know this can be a chaotic time.  We shared one of our experiences in a case study where an entire department resigned within a week.

Be Proactive

The best way to ensure a smooth transition during turnover is to create detailed process documentation. Include all key activities and functions and ideally prepare the documentation ahead of time.  Process documentation can include flow charts, narratives with screen shots, as well as Zoom or Teams recordings.  Document explanations of each step in the process too.  Someone unfamiliar with the process can review the documentation to ensure it is complete, accurate, and can be followed.  Review your documentation and update it throughout the year to accommodate changes in policies, processes, and systems.

It’s Never Too Late

If process documentation does not exist and you receive two weeks’ notice from a key employee, it is not too late.  Capitalize on the remaining time with your employee and prioritize the documentation.  Video recordings can be a very efficient way to create documentation quickly by performing the functions while recording the screens and systems used and narrating details. Prioritize your processes and document them in that order.

The documentation and video recordings can be used as training material for a new person to learn the role at a comfortable pace and this can be repeated as often as necessary.  The documentation will also provide guidance to complete these tasks during the transition.

Grandin Solutions has deep expertise in process and procedure documentation including writing procedures and creating video recordings.  We develop and/or update documentation for each of project we complete.  If you are struggling to document processes, we would be glad to share best practices, methodologies, and ideas on how to accomplish the task.