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Are your reports accurate, automated and relevant?

Are your reports accurate, automated and relevant?

Posted on: July 6th, 2021

Business leaders need access to data in a well-organized format to make better decisions in this rapidly changing world.  While the volume of data collected is growing by the second, the ability to sift through large data sets, and extract and interpret relevant information has become all the more important. Our answer to this challenge is to custom develop reports that are automated, accurate, and relevant for clients.

No matter how many reports are in your portfolio today, there is always one more tweak or option needed.  Some of the challenges in getting timely information and reporting are:

As part of Grandin’s Systems Implementation services, we have been developing reports for years.  Today there is an increase in the level of automation, adaptability, and self-serve access to data and reporting at all levels of an organization.  The tools used for reporting continue to become more sophisticated, as well as more user friendly.

Our report development services are utilized as part of transformations, systems implementations, or to react to changing demands or business conditions.  While the tools we use to develop reports has evolved and will differ from client to client, the process is consistent and follows these steps:

  1. Discovery – understand the report requirements, data elements, source system of record, options for development, and owner of the report.
  2. Design – design the layout, calculations, and data fields for the required report.
  3. Develop – within the appropriate tool, build the report with the functionality and elements defined in the design stage.
  4. Test – work with key users and management to test the report to ensure it is accurate, complete, and functioning as designed.
  5. Deploy – Roll out the report to the users and consumers and provide any training required to maintain pr update the report going forward.

Is there a key report in your world that needs to be enhanced or developed?  Let’s Talk!