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Business Case

Adaptive Planning Optimization


A manufacturing and distribution client with two ERP systems was utilizing Workday Adaptive Planning for consolidation and reporting as their Corporate Performance Management tool. All reporting had been performed through Adaptive web reports with manual uploads of historical data and legacy formats which caused issues when accounts were added or reclassified. Grandin was hired to optimize and improve the Adaptive functionality as well as the monthly reporting package for senior leadership.


A sandbox instance was created where changes were made to interface historical data and to roll it forward automatically eliminating manual uploads. Once the sandbox instance was tested and reconciled, the corresponding changes were made in production.

Office Connect, an add-in for Microsoft, was implemented to pull data from Adaptive cloud and easily build reports, avoiding the complexities of the online report building. Training was provided for each user.


The existing web reports were re-built through Office Connect. A monthly reporting package was also designed and built in MS Excel with tabs for segment results and analysis, financials, and charts showing trends of financial metrics. These packages were designed to allow data to be refreshed instantly and included integrity checks.