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Consulting as a Career

Consulting as a Career

Posted on: March 8th, 2022

One of the things that makes Grandin Solutions unique is our dedicated, loyal, and committed team of consultants.  Our team is made up of professionals with experience that ranges from three years to what some might think of as retirement age.

While we readily admit consulting is not for everyone, for the right person it is the best job ever!  Some of the unique aspects of a career in consulting at Grandin Solutions include:


A traditional internal corporate role typically includes the same co-workers, same desk (or dining room table), same commute, same systems, and much of the same routine. Consulting is none of this.

As we move from engagement to engagement and year to year, we work alongside different team members and clients, some in the office and some remote or hybrid, while using different systems in different industries.  This exposure to so much that is new is exhilarating and exciting for our consultants.  They also gain exposure to some of the best organizations and management teams in town as we assist with key initiatives.


Clients don’t pay fees to maintain status quo. They use Grandin Solutions to make a difference as they navigate through a series of changes that push them beyond their limits. With a high rate of change and looming deadlines, we take ownership of our clients’ challenge and commit a team to resolve it through a proven process.

Our consultants know from the start that their contribution is needed.  The beginning of a project can be intense as we come up to speed on all aspects of the work. We get a rush and a strong sense of accomplishment from the rapid-fire learning and intense work required to make an impact quickly.


While the majority of our consultants are fulltime, we also accommodate a variety of work-life-balance demands for others who don’t typically fit into corporate America.  For example, we have working parents with a 9-3 schedule and summers off.  We have early retirees who choose time off between engagements to travel or enjoy a hobby.  This is all coordinated with our clients at the beginning of the engagements to provide a win-win for everyone.


One of the things our consultants enjoy most about consulting is the ability to focus on a critical project without the distractions of internal emails, phone calls, or extraneous meetings.  This focus allows them to accomplish great things in record time and impress our clients.


If you think the consulting career fits your personality and goals, check out additional information on our  Careers Page.