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Grandin Solutions utilizes a proven process to serve clients and provide high value, customized options to our clients’ most pressing challenges. Through candid conversations, we come to understand where outside assistance may provide the most value, and then demonstrate our expertise and capabilities by sharing a detailed and comprehensive solution.

Our solutions include a proven approach as well as a specific team, selected from our employee-based model, to be dedicated to the initiative. Our experience developing and customizing methodologies as well as our in-depth knowledge of our team members allows us to build winning solutions.

Our process is designed to ensure we always deliver the following:


By defining success before starting a project, we chart the best course to the finish line. Throughout an engagement, we measure and report progress against the success criteria to avoid surprises. The knowledge we gain is fully transitioned to the internal teams at completion to ensure lasting success.


The quality of our solutions is dependent on our team. An employee-based model allows us to know our team deeply and understand who excels in what role. We use this knowledge to match our team to a client’s specific initiative. This saves time for clients and produces a better, more predictable outcome.


Our solutions provide the flexibility to deal with the changes and unexpected surprises that can inevitably arise during an engagement. We can extend, expand, or reduce teams and timelines to meet new conditions.


We are straight forward by nature and strive to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process. This starts with our initial conversation and continues through to demonstrating capabilities, delivering a solution, invoicing, transitioning to an internal team, and answering questions that arise anywhere along the way.

Grandin is a trusted partner helping clients with key projects. Let’s talk about how we can support you!