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System Selection – How to select the best system

System Selection – How to select the best system

Posted on: September 17th, 2020

A system selection is the foundation of ensuring your organization’s new system has the proper functionality and satisfies business needs in a cost effective manner. Grandin Solutions has a thorough and proven system selection methodology.  This methodology has proven to be far more effective than the traditional approach where a manager assumes the system from their last job will fit, or a known vendor or two is brought in to begin.

Once software vendor presentations begin, if there are no formal defined requirements, the best sales presentation is likely to be selected.  Unfortunately, the best sales presentation may not ensure that you are buying the best software.  Turning this approach upside down, our methodology begins with a thorough understanding of requirements and ranking those requirements before going to the marketplace.  The steps of our methodology include:

Following this disciplined approach leads to the best fit for our client.  Since we do not sell software, our recommendations are free of bias.

Here is more information about our implementation services https://grandinsolutions.com/implementations/