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Systems Implementation Solutions

Systems Implementation Solutions

Posted on: April 5th, 2021

Oh my!

Implementing a new system can be stressful.

This is a once in a decade (or in some cases much much longer) event for most organizations.  The larger and more complex the system or the organization, the more significant the level of effort required to succeed.  Because these events do not happen often, it can be difficult to develop the required skills and expertise internally in any organization.

It has been encouraging to see how many organizations have embarked on a large system implementation or transformation over the past year, during the pandemic and even while teams are working remote.

As a consulting practice, we assist multiple clients with these major initiatives each and every year. This means our experience with implementations and transformations remains current and can be a key part of supplementing internal teams for success.  Our experience includes:

• System selection

• Project management

• Data migration, cleansing, and testing

• Business analysis and process mapping

• Process documentation

• Change management, training, and communication

• Control implementation and SOX updates

• User acceptance testing

• Report development

• Backfill for key players dedicated to the project


To learn more about how we make implementations succeed, reach out to us @ info@GrandinSolutions.com