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Talented Consultants Choose Grandin Solutions

Talented Consultants Choose Grandin Solutions

Posted on: May 19th, 2021

Why do talented Consultants choose a consulting career with Grandin Solutions?

A consulting career provides an amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with business leaders to solve their toughest problems and deliver high quality solutions. There are a variety of reasons a consulting career with Grandin Solutions appeals to the top tier professionals in accounting, finance, risk, and technology. A few of the reasons include constant learning, problem solving, serving, and partnership with local clients.  Here is an in depth look into each:

Constant Learning
A consulting career at Grandin provides an environment of constant learning and growth as every project is unique and involves a different industry, ownership structure, corporate goals, culture, systems, processes, and a wide variety of problems to be solved. The most common personality trait that Grandin Consultants possess is the need for constant learning. Consultants are curious and inquisitive by nature and get bored when things reach status quo.

Our consultants typically transition to new projects one to three times per year, keeping them up to date on best practices and the trends. The beginning of a project can be intense as Consultants work hard to get up to speed quickly and add value. Our consultants want more variety than can be provided by a typical monthly or quarterly cycle and prefer the variety, complexity, and constant change that comes with consulting.

Problem Solving
Leveraging strong technical backgrounds, Grandin utilizes consultants who also have a deep desire to solve problems, bring order to chaos, and to leave clients in better position going forward. Change events such as acquisitions, implementations, and turnover inevitably create disruption and challenges. Consultants with a wide variety and depth of experience enjoy leveraging their expertise to make improvements with technology, processes, controls, and teams. Our team of consultants have a continuous process improvement mentality and love to share what they have seen be successful.

Grandin Consultants have the hearts of servants and an intense focus on client service. It is our job to make our client look good and we are frequently the “bird in the ear” making sure he or she is aware of all improvement possibilities or any upcoming obstacles.  Our experienced team does not expect recognition or accolades for a job well done, but gains satisfaction from helping their sponsor succeed with the goal, deadline, or objective.  It is enough to know their insight and experience is being leveraged for success.  This is why one of our core values is based on the golden rule: we treat clients and consultants the way we want to be treated and always seek to serve.

Partnership with Local Clients
The nature of project-based consulting creates a laser focus on the companies that are experiencing significant change.  After all, if everything is status quo, there is no need for outside assistance.  Our consultants enjoy being connected to what is happening at key companies around town and gaining insight into a variety of clients, events, priorities, and trends.  They also enjoy the fact that we focus on a geographic footprint that allows them to be home at night, as our required travel is infrequent.  Based on the quality of the work we deliver, our consultants are frequently asked to assist with additional projects which creates a real partnership between clients and consultants as well as long-term relationships.

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