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When a vacancy occurs in a key role, the gap can create a big challenge for management and the rest of the team.

Our loan consultant service can be mobilized rapidly to dedicate a proven consultant to manage through the transition. Our established process includes:

Grandin has helped numerous companies manage the challenges brought on by turnover and extended absences with great success. Frequently, we improve processes and increase the use of systems during this transition.

Key Person Transition Case Study


Grandin did a great job figuring out workflow, documenting processes, and providing the leadership necessary to help us through a transition.

- CEO, Professional Health Organization

Grandin was very responsive to our needs. They stepped into the position of an interim CFO in a timely fashion. The individual worked out exceedingly well. I attribute a great deal of the success to Grandin for analyzing our specific needs and making a recommendation of a consultant who fit our company profile and had the skillset and support to quickly address our most urgent demands.

- Executive Vice President, Fleet Maintenance Provider
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